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Claire Werkiser

25 Year From PA, United States
Language: English   Height: 160 cm
Weight: 55 kg   Hips: 31 inches
Waist: 36 inches   Chest: 36 inches
Marital Status: Un-married   Dress Size: m
Hair Color: Redheaded   Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Fair   Hair Length: Very long
Shoes: 6.5 (US)   Education: Under Graduation

Interested in Following Type of Modeling

Fashion Modeling Runway Modeling
Bikini Modeling Print Modeling
Magazine Modeling
Catalog Modeling Billboard Advertising
Brochures Modeling
Body Part Modeling


Somthing About Me:

I am by no means a perfect girl. I snort when I laugh. I put things off til later. I eat when I am bored. I fall too easily. I am vulnerable and I believe lies. I have best freinds and enemies. I have more than enough drama and so many memories. I don't always call people back. I speak loudly. I like being the center of attention, if only with one person. I don't get A's on every test. I cry. I get nervous about stupid things. I fear confrontation. I trust everyone, even if they've given me reason not to. I eat too much - or too little. I go on crash diets. I obsess about my weight. I judge myself. I never think I'm good enough. I put myself down - and mean it. I don't hold grudges. I love too easily. I laugh even when nothing's very funny. I live in an awkward moment. So, as you can see, I'm far from perfect. But it's ok, because when you're in love, you love that person because of their flaws, not in spite of them.

I am a size 4 dress. I'm too short to be a runway model, but have been told I am very photogenic - good for print modeling. I take direction very well and am a good listener. I have strong eyes. I am 5 foot 3 and 120 pounds. My shoe size 7. I am a 36C cup bra.

My Hobbies:

I love...raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Hot chocolate when you come in from sledding. Lumps of brown sugar. Chocolate. Black licorice. The sugar left in the bottom of a bag of sour skittles. Long talks on the phone. Texts that make me smile.

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